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profile pictureEditor In Chief
Kristen O’Neill

Kristen has been the editor in chief of Winnipeg Weeklies since 2009. She is one of the site’s founders and works with an extensive team to bring the latest news stories to the forefront of Winnipeg media. Formerly she worked as features editor at the Winnipeg Chronicle where she directed coverage of human interest feature stories. During her tenure at the Chronicle, Kristen was also responsible for the digitization of the Chronicle and spearheaded the launching of the digital version of the paper. Prior to this, from 1998-2004, she worked as a writer for the Ontario Sun, where she focused on health and medical analysis coverage.
She has experience working as a freelance graphics designer and graduated with a degree in Journalism from the University of Toronto in 1997. These skills have helped her to effectively guide her team on how to present their content on the site and ensure readers enjoy a comfortable online experience with each visit to Winnipeg Weeklies. Kristen is also a board member of the Winnipeg Society of Graphic Designers that works to recognize and promote the work of professional designers in the business. She is also a volunteer with People’s Progress, a non profit group that provides financial counselling to low income families in Manitoba.