After a grueling week or during a special event such as your birthday or holiday, the most incredible way to relax and refresh yourself is to throw a pool party. Pool parties offer a great experience for both family and friends, however without serious safety precautions, there can be fatal incidents.pool-party
Most people worry more about the party than their own safety when planning pool parties. Summer in Winnipeg is warm and everyone is looking forward to enjoying some pool time in their backyard. This is the best time to consider doing pool liner replacement and resurfacing of the decking.
These are the safety tips to consider when hosting a pool party in Winnipeg:
Test the Water
A day prior to the pool party ensure that water provides the optimum environment for swimming. Make sure the pool water contains the accepted level of chemicals.
Keep alcohol away from the pool
Since alcohol is known to impair judgment and swimming ability, it is best kept to a minimum and not allowed within the pool area to drowning incidents. When someone gets drunk they might engage in risky stuff like getting into the pool. Serve alcoholic drinks in the house or somewhere away from the pool.
Hire a Designated Lifeguard
Have someone act as a designated lifeguard and if there is no one then hire a professional lifeguard to stand on guard. Ensure the lifeguard does not drink and is watchful at all times and is not distracted by other guests or children.
Avoid Poolside Games
Playing games and running around the pool can lead to serious accidents when someone slips and falls. Children along with adults need to be constantly reminded about the dangers of playing games around the pool.
Provide Personal Floating Devices
Non-swimmers and particularly children must be provided with proper floating devices. Provide practical demonstrations for children on using floats and how to handle panic situations.
Pair the children up
The children can watch over each other when they are paired up. One can swim while the other keeps watch. They can be trained on how to respond to risky situations.
Use Safety Dividers
Separate the shallow end from the deep end using a pool safety line. During a pool party, the pool will probably be crowded a safety line will help people mark the beginning of the deep end slope.

Emergency Preparedness
Have a first aid kit close by and be ready to respond to any drowning emergency. Have a portable phone nearby to call for emergency services.

The best pool party is one that is safe and does not have any accidents. Everybody loves pool parties prevent safety-related accidents so that everyone can enjoy a good time.